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10 useful habits of rich people

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†One of the strangest features of modern life is that many people tend to appear richer than they really are.

Often they borrow expensive things to showcase to their friends and colleagues, and then spend many years to pay off the bank.

But if you look at people who are really rich, then you may be surprised, because they often do not follow the same patterns of behavior as those who just want to seem rich.

Below we will describe 10 amazing habits of wealthy people who can help everyone become a little richer.

10. They buy used things

There are things that no one wants to buy in second-hand stores. For example, underwear, shoes or bed linen.

But if it is a question of other things, wealthy people often do not hesitate to buy those things that someone used.

So, wealthy people buy used cars instead of new ones, realizing that for the first three years of use such a car, even if it is in excellent condition, loses a lot in price.

If we are talking about a new car, wealthy people tend to use it as long as possible – about 10 years to get the maximum benefit.

The fact is that well-off people, who have achieved everything with their own labor, appreciate every penny they earn and will not become glamorous in order to impress.

They are economical and try to get benefits wherever possible.

9. They buy affordable housing

In general, wealthy people try not to borrow housing on credit. There is even a formula that says that the cost of housing for purchase should not exceed the size of 2.5 annual income.

It is believed that such a formula is suitable for the US market, but it is unlikely that it will be suitable for the Russian real estate market.

In any case, to choose a property is based on how well the income of each individual person corresponds to the payment of a mortgage loan.

It is not necessary to buy expensive elite housing at an average salary, even if the bank offers very favorable conditions.

In any case, taking a mortgage, you have to overpay the interest at the expense of the bank.

8. Buy things for long use

If you buy a cheap thing, it does not always mean that you save.

Let’s say if you buy a pair of shoes that are enough for one season, then next season you again have to buy a pair of shoes.

But if you take a pair of shoes more expensive, then one pair you can have enough for a few seasons.

In the end, you will save considerably, since you do not have to buy new shoes every time.

But in order to make a really profitable purchase, which will save in the long run, you need to spend time to find such a thing.

Therefore, wealthy people prefer to first study the proposals on the market, and then make a purchase.

7. They are waiting for favorable offers

It is a mistake to think that if a person has a lot of money, he spends them thoughtlessly.

Wealthy people know the value of money, so try to save on any purchase.

So, wealthy people like sales and discounts.

Sometimes they have to wait for months to catch the right thing or offer.

In addition, they use various client programs that allow you to save money, particularly for air tickets or holidays.

6. They do not retire

You can not get rich fast. Rich people spend their whole lives on accumulating their wealth.

They save and invest and by any other means try to increase their fortune.

At the same time, most of them work for themselves, have their own business, and it is very motivating not to retire and work.

Such people are constantly busy with business. They have many ideas on how to develop their business and make it even more successful.

When it comes to retirement, it makes them sad, because they are used to working all the time.

5. They are economical

To be economical is in any case reasonable, whatever your financial condition.

So, wealthy people consider every penny spent. But at the same time they try not to deny themselves the pleasures.

Another thing is that they try not to glamor, so as not to squander all the money saved in a few days.

4. They enjoy discounts

Many wealthy people use discount cards, savings cards and other opportunities to save money.

They track stocks and sales for the goods they need.

However, it is important to understand that such people never buy what they do not need.

That is, these people will not buy something just because this product or service is given a discount.

3. They plan a budget

All rich people plan their budget. And they stick to the planned budget, strictly observing it to a penny.

To stick to the budget is very important, as it will allow you to start saving money quickly enough, and in the end it will lead to the fact that you will start to grow rich.

When drafting a budget, it is important to be honest with yourself and set realistic goals.

2. They invest in real assets

When you become wealthy, the time will come to invest. That is, part of your money will go into growth.

At the same time, the rich try to invest in real goods, which really enrich us.

Often, rich people buy art, because they love art.

They buy antiques or gold. All this – things are real, tangible.

There is a financial gain in owning such goods, because over time their price increases.

1. They do not look rich

For most of those who have achieved wealth, external attributes do not play a special role. They dress quite simply, they drive on comfortable cars.

They can spend time at work even more than average office employees.

On the other hand, people who lead a luxurious lifestyle can, on closer examination, have huge debts that they will not pay off until the end of their lives.

Therefore, do not try to match someone’s ideas about wealth, because there will always be those who live richer than you and try to match even richer people.