102 people were taken into custody in Paris riots

FRANCE (OBSERVATORY) – As a result of the riots that followed the May Day demonstration in Paris, the police detained 276 people. Of these, 102 people were taken into police custody, Le Monde reported , citing data from the city’s prefectural police.

As a result of the clashes on the streets of Paris, 31 store windows were destroyed, two of which were burned. The activists also smashed ten cars and burned six more. Four people were injured, among them – one policeman.

During the May Day demonstration in Paris, a group of about 1.2 thousand people in black clothes came to the column of demonstrators – trade unionists in the area of ​​the Austerlitz Bridge.

They carried banners with anti-government slogans, Soviet flags and shouted anti-fascist slogans.

Almost immediately they began to beat the windows and set fire to the cars. The police responded by using tear gas. After this, radicals clashed with the police.