11 African migrants sank, 83 others rescued off the coast of Libya

LIBYA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe Libyan Coast Guard has announced the death of 11 migrants of different African nationalities drowned by the coup of a rubber boat on board the Mediterranean Sea north-east of the city of Sabratha west of the country, and save 83 others.

The Coast Guard said in a statement on its Facebook page: “On Sunday morning, 22 April 2018, a patrol of the Coast Guard and the security of ports in the western sector (the boat Talil – Zawiya refinery point) rescued 83 illegal immigrants who were on board a rubber boat, 11 bodies.”

The statement added that illegal immigrants from different African nationalities, pointing out that the rescue operation took place five miles north-east of Sabratha.

The Libyan coast guard said that the illegal immigrants were transferred to the Zawya refinery point and arrived at 13:00. “After providing humanitarian and medical assistance, they were handed over to the illegal immigration control center, Al-Nasser Al-Zawia shelter.”