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12 Information you must delete from your Facebook account!

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†While Facebook has been admired by millions of people across the globe, the scandal of collecting and selling information about users of this social networking site has revived the issue of privacy. 12 Information to delete from your Facebook account.

Facebook is the first social networking site in the world. It has been able to connect millions of people around the world in a short time, and has offered alternative solutions in many areas, such as journalism, music and dating. Facebook “was recently shaken by the scandal of collecting and selling information about the users of this site, which sparked a lot of controversy about the privacy of information, put each person on his own account on the social networking site,” Facebook “. The site “The Independent” warns of putting 12 information in the account of each person on “Facebook” so as not to be hacked.

Date of Birth

The Independent points out that the date of birth is associated with the name and address of the account holder on Facebook, which may help some to access the bank account and personal details of the account holder easily.

Telephone number

The British website shows that putting a phone number on Facebook for each person has two positive and negative aspects. The positive is to receive a call from an admirer, and the negative is to be disturbed by someone.

Frequent friends

Robin Dunbar, a psychologist at the prestigious Oxford University, has found that humans can maintain about 150 relationships, while some people have more than Facebook accounts.

People who have to be eliminated at the expense of everyone on Facebook.

Photos of your children and family

According to the same source, put pictures of your child or a member of your family on the first social networking site, which should also be avoided.

Determine where to study your children

The site, “The Independent,” that the publication of the place, which teaches the sons of the account on Facebook, “may help sexually harassed children.

Positioning Service

Giving up this service guarantees you privacy, and does not provide additional information to everyone, which may then expose you to problems you do not need.

Your manager is at work

The presence of a manager on Facebook’s Facebook friends list may be a bad point for the account holder. The manager reads the employee’s posts on this social networking site, which may include statements of complaint against the business.

Determine where you are

The Independent website confirms that locating the account holder on Facebook, especially the home, enables everyone to know the address of the home, an issue that may end up with innumerable problems.

Vacation timing

According to the British site, travelers who are robbed during the holiday may not receive compensation from insurance companies, if they publish plans to disable their accounts on social networking sites.

social situation

When you are at the beginning of an emotional relationship, it is better not to change your social status from “single” to “linked” quickly. This may ensure that you are congratulated, but what happens when the relationship ends quickly and you have to change the social situation again in a short time?

Credit card details

Making credit card details, clearly visible on someone’s account in Facebook, is not the right idea at all. The risks here are endless.

passport copy

The same source stresses that a photograph containing information about a person’s passport should not be published on a trip, as this includes personal information that may harm the passport holder.