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18 civilians killed in clashes for the third month in Sabha, Libya

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†According to local medical sources, 18 civilians have been killed and 86 others injured since armed clashes broke out in the southern city of Sabha since late February.

In a statement issued today on its official account in Facebook, the Sabha Medical Center appealed to all parties to remove the center from direct and indirect clashes, accusing it of being responsible for targeting it with missiles.

The statement stressed the need to ensure that the concerned security authorities responsible for the protection of the homeland and the citizen the consequences of the protection of patients, doctors and medical assistants.

The Center urged all citizens to use the back door for their safety and to save their lives after a citizen was killed in front of the main door of the center. He called on the community, the people, the tribes, the southern components and the population to protect the center that interests everyone.

The source added that the conflict resumed after the abduction of a member of the tribe “Tabu” from the center of Sabha Medical, where he was receiving treatment, in conjunction with the disappearance of another From the tribe of “Sons of Solomon”, and was kidnapped by unknown.

On February 25, Sabha witnessed intermittent clashes using medium and light weapons. The news about its parties is conflicting. Some consider it a conflict between the tribes of the Tabu and the Sons of Sulaiman. Others talk of battles between the Libyan army and foreign forces, Chad.

Forces loyal to the internationally recognized government of the Accord and the Libyan National Army led by Marshal Khalifa Hafer are deployed in the region. The two sides agree, despite their differences, to classify what is happening in Sabha with aggression by foreign forces.