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18 foreign planes operated near Russian borders in a week

RUSSIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe air reconnaissance on the borders of Russia was conducted by 18 foreign aircraft during the week, announces the official newspaper of the Russian Defense Krasnaya Zvezda.

This week, 18 spy planes flew over the airspace near Russian borders, according to the infographic of the official journal of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Krasnaya Zvezda.

Russian air defense fighters have made five sorties to intercept and escort spy planes.

“No violation of Russian airspace has been recorded,” says the infographic published by the newspaper.

In addition, the surveillance resources of the western air activity indicate that a RC-135W Royal Air Force strategic reconnaissance aircraft on Thursday flew near the sea borders of the Kaliningrad region.

According to their information, the British spy plane, registered ZZ665, left Waddington Air Force Base in the United Kingdom and flew off the coast of the Kaliningrad region, over the international waters of the Baltic Sea.

In addition, an RC-135V reconnaissance aircraft flew several hours on Thursday near the coast of Lebanon and Syria, where the Russian air base Hmeimim and the Russian Tartous maritime base are located.