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243 pages and no evidence of Russian intervention

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe editor of the RT channel and the agency “Russia Segodnia” Margarita Simonyan commented on the report of the US Congress, which accused Russia and its media of interfering in the US elections.

“US intelligence officers have published a new report on how we penetrated their elections,” Simonyan wrote in her Twitter account.

“We have spent $ 30 on two tweets that destroyed their democracy.” 3. We criticized Clinton (Hillary Clinton) and Donald Trump, but Hillary is more. 4. There is nothing enjoyable other than that.”

This, and raised the secret on Friday the report of the Committee on Intelligence in the House of Representatives on the so-called “Russian intervention” in the US elections.

The report accused Russia of interfering in the Russian presidential election, including through the media such as RT channel, the Russian news agency “Russia” and “Sputnik” agency and the site “Russia behind the headlines,” while the report confirmed that there is no evidence of “channeling” The election of Donald Trump with Russia.

It is worth mentioning that Russia has repeatedly stated that it did not interfere in the US presidential elections, and considered that all accusations in this regard are unfounded.