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44% of Americans would support the dismissal of Donald Trump – poll

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†According to a poll conducted in late August in the United States, 44% of Americans would like to initiate an impeachment procedure against their president Donald Trump.

Over 40% of citizens of the United States are in favor of the dismissal of Donald Trump, according to data from a survey conducted by the site Axios and SurveyMonkey society.

As is apparent from the survey results, 44% of respondents are in favor of initiating impeachment proceedings against the US President, 79% of whom are activists in the Democratic fringe of the country.

In this regard, 64% of respondents said they trust the former attorney of the head of state Michael Cohen , who pleaded guilty to many financial crimes directly involving the current President. However, statistics on the number of respondents opposing Donald Trump’s removal from office and the number of people who abstained were not reported.

The survey was conducted from August 22nd to 24th, 2018. 4362 people over the age of 18 took part and the error rate is plus or minus three points.