5G Networks: A revolution in wireless communication (interview)

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — There are significant potential benefits in many areas of everyday life, especially the audio and video industry, which will be provided by 5G technology, according to an expert in the field of social networking and networks. The launch of 5G technology, known as 5G, was launched in 2018 and will continue to be developed throughout 2020.

According to Unai, there are “differences between 5G and 4G LTE, which is the version that is used most often these days.In many cases, the speed of the Internet provided by 4G networks has never been achieved on most smartphones, so the term LTE was used with that network and means ( Long-term development) “, referring to the need to develop.

“Some versions of 4G networks are referred to as 4G LTE advanced, which are advanced versions, but carriers are worried that they will only be referred to as 4G without looking at the associated developments, which may make customers believe the service has not improved,” he added. .

– Evolution to 5G Technology –

According to the speaker, it is the first generation G1 technology that allows us to communicate with each other fundamentally, and was first developed to the second generation G2, which enabled the service of SMS.
“But the internet connection came with 3G, and 4G would make the connection speed much faster,” he added.

“Speed ​​is not the only important thing in the audiovisual industry,” he said. “For those working in the audio and video industry, delays, connectivity and traffic capacity are important differences. Compared to the current 4G delay of 50 ms.”

He pointed out that “the ability to transmit sound in this type of signals without delay, will bring many new possibilities .. There is also a change in the way of sending signals.”

Unai said that MIMO, which means “multiple inputs and outputs”, allows a fivefold increase in the number of antennas at the base station of 5G networks, while the configuration of the packet provides “direct” connection to each user, ensuring constant speed and connectivity, which is important in many the stuff.

And the expert explained that ”

Unai stressed that “5G and Wi-Fi 6 (modern communication technology) will provide maximum speed, such as high-precision tracking.”

“Think about it, for example, in terms of surveillance cameras, opening and closing microphones as needed, lighting control, and of course digital signage advertisements,” he said. “With these versions, control over phones will become the control device with the user at all times.”

– 5G Most Benefited from 5G –

Telecom expert noted that “5G is expected to be launched globally in March 2020,” adding that the average person will interact using 5G in a variety of ways, between professional areas such as medical, construction and transportation.

“This technology will allow the provision of many telemedicine services,” he stressed.

“Robotic surgeries will be performed in one place by surgeons from different locations, and patients and hospitals will be linked through in-home follow-up services,” he added.

Smart factories using wireless robots will also benefit from this development, as well as food industries, Unai said.

Self-driving vehicles in major cities will travel at speeds of up to 200 mph (322 km / h) in an accident-free environment with the help of the 5G.

Not only will industries benefit from the next technology, but ordinary people will also be able to use it.

Unai said that video game players, for example, would be able to communicate with other players in real time via virtual reality devices.

He added that they will communicate with other players around the world and interact with them in real time.


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