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7.7 billion people will die of starvation as a result of a nuclear conflict

UNITED STATES, WASHINGTON (OBSERVATORY) — According to a study conducted by researchers at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, in the event of a full-scale war between the US and Russia, the entire planet will be terribly devastated.

A nuclear winter will descend on the planet, and even in a significant part of the northern hemisphere, in summer the temperature will drop below zero. As a result, almost the entire population of the Earth (7.7 billion people) can die of starvation.

A study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres argues for a UN nuclear ban treaty two years ago. In total, 25 countries have ratified this document at the moment. The United States is not among them. It will come into force when the number of signatory states reaches 50.

The question is more than relevant: a few days ago the Donald Trump Administration tested a ground-based cruise missile with a range of over 500 km after the INF Treaty, which prohibited the two superpowers from developing and using these weapons, stopped its action.

Researchers led by graduate student at Rutgers University, Joshua Coupe, have used the modern climate model to predict the effects of a nuclear conflict between two nuclear superpowers.

As a result of the exchange of blows, 150 million tons of black smoke coming from fires in cities and industrial zones will rise in the upper and lower layers of the atmosphere. Smoke in the air will be able to stay for several months or years, not letting the sun into the Earth.

Researchers used the new climate model of the National Center for Atmospheric Research with improved resolution and situation drawing compared to the model developed by NASA and used by a science team two years ago, led by co-author of the new study, Alan Robock, a professor of environmental sciences at Rutgers University.

Unreliable World Leader

The new model provides images of a much larger number of places on Earth and presents predictive images of smoke particles and the destruction of the ozone layer as a result of overheating of the atmosphere. But even under these conditions, the climate changes presented in the new model almost coincide with those presented in the NASA model.

“This means that in the event of a large-scale nuclear war, the likelihood of climate change is very high. Indeed, a nuclear winter will come with catastrophic consequences,” Coop emphasized.

In both new and old models, nuclear winter occurs when smoke (soot) in the upper atmosphere prevents the penetration of sunlight, as a result of which the temperature on the Earth’s surface drops by an average of 10ºC.

Due to the fact that a large-scale nuclear war can erupt as a result of an accident or as a result of a hacker attack, computer malfunction or the actions of an unreliable world leader (which is quite possible), the destruction of all nuclear weapons will be the only right decision on the part of mankind, Robok believes. The only question is who will take the first step.


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