70 Houthis killed and 21 captured in Yemen’s west coast

YEMEN (OBSERVATORY) – 70 members of the Ansar Allah group were killed and 21 others were captured by the Saudi-led Arab forces in the Yemeni west coast, according to the UAE news agency WAM.

WAM reported on Sunday that Arab fighter jets and artillery targeted the positions and gatherings of the Houthis in eastern legislators, addicts and north of Hess.

Agencu added that with the participation and support of the UAE armed forces and the joint Yemeni resistance, the Houthis’ defenses and fortifications in the West Coast were destroyed. The group’s ranks are witnessing a significant decline on various fronts, in parallel with the advance of the Yemeni resistance forces towards Hodeidah.

“The Ansar Allah group failed to carry out the second infiltration attempt within 24 hours to areas in the western coast of Yemen, and suffered heavy losses in equipment and lives,” the agency said.

The Yemeni resistance forces had been able earlier in the day, Saturday, combing large areas in the Directorate of Drehami, in preparation for the battle to liberate the city of Hodeidah and strategic harbor, according to “WAM.”