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9 countries can build nuclear weapons, 5 countries can build intercontinental missiles, why only 3 countries can build high-thrust military aviation

US, WASHINGTON (NEWS OBSERVATORY) — There are not many weapons in the world that can be called national heavy weapons, and nuclear weapons and intercontinental missiles can be said to be the outstanding ones on the list. Looking at the world today, there are 9 countries that can independently develop and build nuclear weapons, and 5 countries that can independently develop and build intercontinental missiles. However, equipment that is more difficult to build than these prestigious national heavy weapons also exists.

This world can there are only three countries that have created large thrust military aviation, and the reason for this is also worth exploring.

Compared to foreign airlines, our Chinese airlines started late, and they are still catching up with world-class airlines. There is still a big gap when it comes to transcending. The technology of high-thrust military aviation is currently mainly controlled by the United States and Russia.

Although China Aviation Development has made great progress in imitation of Russian aviation in recent years, the objective gap that cannot be ignored still exists. One of the more obvious examples is the military heavy transport aircraft. The debut of Yun 20 let the Chinese see the progress of the domestic high-thrust military aviation. However, compared with the leading technology of the United States and Russia, we still have a lot. Objective gap.

Leaving aside the An-225 aircraft as its name is the “dream” big aircraft, currently the world’s strongest military transport aircraft that can actually be put into actual combat and have mass production capabilities can be roughly divided into two types, which are Russia’s An-124 Strategic transport aircraft and the US C-5 Galaxy strategic transport aircraft. The carrying capacity of these two powerful strategic transport aircraft is far more than that of China’s transport 20.

The biggest reason is that their powerful aero-engine has given them amazing and amazing power. With the continuous development of China’s air force, it is necessary to build heavy strategic transport aircraft such as An 124 and C5 Galaxy in the future. At this stage, although China has mastered the turbofan 18 imitated from the Russian engine technology to equip 20, but considering In the future, long-term development and strategic needs, it is clear that the research on military turbofan aviation with greater thrust is far from over.

Why is it that only China, the United States and Russia can build high-thrust military turbofans? In the final analysis, it is still a question of the need for a combination of technical accumulation and comprehensive national strength. It is undeniable that the world’s aviation “Royalty Three” companies such as British Rolls-Royce also have the ability to independently develop high-thrust military turbofan aviation launches, but the current UK is constantly reducing its military strength and NATO ’s overall military level In addition to the leading brother of the United States, successive declines and shrinking has become a foregone conclusion.

There is no actual need for defense, so naturally it is impossible to spend a lot of money and time to study the new type of high-thrust military turbofan aviation engine. This is a matter of cost investment and actual return. Aviation such as Rolls-Royce The three companies of Fa Yu pay more attention to cost input and return on output, rather than technical difficulties.

Judging from the current world situation and the long-term development prospects that can be foreseen in the future, there are almost only three countries that have practical needs for heavy strategic transport aircraft, namely China, the United States and Russia. This aspect is a symbol of the strong comprehensive national strength of these three countries, and it is also an objective strategic need for the development of national defense.

Although the Russian military industry after the disintegration of the Soviet Union is not lacking in technology, it has suffered a serious decline in funding. In the long run, after the legacy left by the Soviet Union is digested, Russia ’s future military industry development can not be said to be optimistic. One day, China Aviation Development will need to move from imitating Russian technology to independent research and development and independent design. Only in this way can we compete with the powerful American Airlines. (By the world)


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