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9 years in prison for double suicide bomber in Indonesia

INDONESIA (OBSERVATORY) –¬†An Indonesian court on Monday sentenced nine people to nine years in prison for masterminding a double suicide bombing at a bus station in Jakarta last year.

Kiki Mohammed Iqbal was convicted of masterminding the attack, which links him to the Islamic state. The attack occurred when two suicide bombers blew themselves up with explosives packed with explosives, killing three policemen and wounding 12 at Kampong Millayo bus station.

“We see that the defendant is guilty of planning (the attack) and of mobilizing others to take part in it and sentenced him to nine years in prison,” said Judge Purwanto, president of the North Jakarta court.

The attack is the second in two years in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, which has recently suffered a resurgence of militant activities, among them the inspiration of the Islamic state.

In January 2016, four militants linked to the Islamic state launched an attack with weapons and improvised explosive devices at a busy intersection outside the Starbucks coffee shop in central Jakarta, killing them and four others.

Aman Abdul Rahman is also suspected of orchestrating the attack in front of a court and is said to be the ideological leader of the supporters of the Islamic state in Indonesia.

Iqbal’s lawyers argued that even though their client and the attackers were praying in the mosque, he did not know them. Iqbal was a preacher in the mosque.

Speaking on Monday, Iqbal, who was surrounded by anti-terrorism police, told reporters the verdict was “unfair”.

Indonesia’s parliament is currently reviewing anti-terrorism laws to make the concept of terrorism broader and to allow police to detain suspects for a longer period without trial.