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Julia Skripal left the hospital and disappeared in a “safe place”

UNITED KINGDOM (OBSERVATORY) –┬áRussian Yulia Skripal was discharged from the hospital in Salisbury. This was stated by the director of the hospital Christine Blanchard.

According to her, the treatment for Julia is not over yet, but there has been significant progress. Her father, a British spy, Sergei Skripal, remains in the hospital for the time being. Its recovery is slower.

Julia Skripal was discharged from the hospital, and now she asks the press to respect her private life. The management of Salisbury Hospital, having gathered the press for a short briefing, immediately warned that it would not answer journalists’ questions and did not tell what kind of help the patients had. Confirming that the poisoned Russian woman had already left the hospital, the head of the clinic told about the state of her father Sergei Skripal.

“Her father, Sergei, remains in the hospital, and on Friday I announced that he is no longer in a critical condition, his recovery is slightly slower than that of his daughter, but we hope that he will be discharged from the hospital soon,” said Christine Blanchard .

All that is known about the current location of Julia Skripal – this is a short message from the BBC, according to which the night before the girl was taken to a certain “safe place . ” Relatives of the former British spy and his daughter still hear all the news from the press. So, the cousin of Julia Victoria after discharge was not able to reach her. In recent days, British publications have written that the authorities are considering the option of moving Sergei and Julia Scribbles to the United States. There they supposedly will get new names.