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A bill to disarm Hezbollah

LEBANON (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe plan presented by the Democrat Tom Smith and the Republican Adam Kinzinger, is clearly a plot targeting the axis of the Resistance.

In the run-up to the Lebanese parliamentary election to be held on May 7, 2018, two US senators intend to introduce a bill to Congress to disarm the Lebanese Hezbollah, wrote Mashreq News.

According to this plan, the US director of domestic intelligence is to discuss with the US Secretary of State the tactical, ballistic and defensive capabilities of Hezbollah, the success of the UNIFIL mission, international support for Hezbollah and the influence of Hezbollah in the region.

The plan is also intended to identify Hezbollah’s financial resources and the channels it uses to feed weapons.

Why this plan?

In fact, the US is aiming for a dual-track system: military Hezbollah, born in the 1980s and who emerged in 2000 by liberating southern Lebanon and in 2006 by defeating Israel, and political Hezbollah, who managed to integrate into the political life in 2009, by setting up a system based on the popular vote and giving birth to the Alliance of 8-March.

Hezbollah will have to be eliminated from the scene to ensure Israel’s strategic security, offer legal bases to undermine the legitimacy of Hezbollah and put pressure on the axis of the Resistance.

Since his election to the United States in January 2017, Donald Trump has repeatedly pointed his favorite target: it is neither Russian nor Chinese but Iranian.

The confrontation with Russia and North Korea continues to be raised in the media close to Trump as the backbone of his policy, but it is clear that it is the axis of the Resistance that focuses all his hatred. It remains to be seen whether or not he is capable of meeting the enormous challenge of “neutralizing” the Resistance.