A race against time in Chinese Wuhan to finish building a hospital in 10 days

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — Hundreds of workers in Wuhan are running a race against time to finish building a 1,000-bed hospital over a period of 10 days as the authorities seek to combat the emerging corona virus.

Amid bulldozers and thermometers to detect cases of viral pneumonia, hundreds of workers in a suburb of Wuhan are completing the construction of the hospital.

“We must speed things up to fight the epidemic,” a thirty-year worker at the site, who asked not to be named, told AFP.

He adds that work in the city that practically lives in quarantine should work nine hours a day, “increasing and decreasing as needed.”

Hospitals are facing difficulties in the city, which is the epicenter of the virus, due to the number of patients with acute pneumonia or who are afraid to catch an infection.

Therefore, the authorities started building two additional hospitals, whose work must be completed in record time.

According to local media, construction of the first hospital began on Friday and will be completed by February 3. The “Hospital of the Gods of Fire”, after gods that help in healing diseases, extends over an area of ​​25,000 square meters.

A second hospital, with a capacity of 1,300 beds, is expected to be built within two weeks, and it will be called “Lightning Goddess.”

– Promotion banners –

The two hospitals are dedicated to receiving new Corona virus victims.

“Patients should be isolated and treated as soon as possible,” said former high health official Chen Pingzong. “The speed of transmission of this virus infection is very great, and there is a risk of transmission to other patients and medical staff.”

About 20 km southwest of the city center, there are works on a double-edge road that has completely closed one of its directions to provide space for dozens of construction material transportation trucks and drilling equipment.

On the front of a truck, a promotional banner hung urging residents to stand up and sharpen anxiety, and similar signs have spread in the city since it became isolated from the world.

Behind the fences, excavators fill sand in trucks while the bulldozers level the land on which the hospital, which is supposed to receive the first patients within a week, is built.

Technicians are preparing the electrical infrastructure, and while others are developing fifth-generation antennas for communication technology, another team is installing a drainage pipeline network.

Ready housing was placed close to the job site.

Workers should perform a heat check when they return to the resting places on the opposite road. The scanning process lasts a few seconds and is handled by a guard equipped with an electronic thermometer.

– rotation throughout the day –

China previously constructed a hospital in Beijing in record time – a week – during the spread of the deadly SARS epidemic (severe acute respiratory syndrome) in 2003. The hospital resembles prefabricated housing.

According to the new China Agency, the hospital in progress is similar to that.

A construction company official told the agency that “all the remaining workers in Wuhan” had been mobilized, while many had left the city because of the Chinese New Year holiday.

She added that they “work in alternating teams to ensure that work continues throughout the day.”

“The speed of delivery does not mean neglecting the quality,” said Prime Minister Li Kiqiang on Monday during his visit to Wuhan.

He added that the hospital “will guarantee protection from infection,” according to a local radio.

The budget for building and equipping the two hospitals is 300 million yuan (39 million euros), the government announced.

Zhang, a worker who arrived three days before a neighboring province, told AFP that the work would also be completed within three days.

Although he is in a city where the virus is spreading, Zane confirms that there is nothing to fear, because “there are no patients” on the job site as “all of them are in the hospital.”


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