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Abbas: No state in Gaza, no state without Gaza

PALESTINE (OBSERVATORY) – “There is no peace without Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Palestine,” Abbas said at the start of his speech at the Palestinian National Council in Ramallah. He stressed the importance of Gaza in the Palestinian cause.

He added: “No country in Gaza and no state without it” … “My feeling whenever I read the verse – be patient and Sabrowa and link – that they descended in our people.”

He continued: “I say to all of us in a special Council is a large and dangerous and great, because this Council comes after 22 years of the Council that accepted him, and if this Council was not held, the Palestinian dream would be in danger.”

Abbas said: “With the availability of quorum we succeeded in holding the Council and tell others, you have failed but the doors remain open to you, because we are patriotic and unitary we do not exclude anyone and we exclude no one and not kill one of our people or punish him, but we say it was wrong.

He added: “There have been many conspiracies on the organization and these days we live these conspiracies, because there are those who do not want to hold the National Council and end the PLO and end the Palestinian dream.”

“We will not accept the Trump deal and we will not accept America as an intermediary for peace alone and we will not accept what it wants to offer in the middle of next month,” he said. “If America wants to do something, We are with the option of a two-state solution and East Jerusalem is our capital, but we will not accept it otherwise. ”

President Abbas saluted the liberated prisoners who are sitting in the opening of the Council’s work, hoping that all the prisoners will be present behind bars for the upcoming National Assembly session.