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ABC: Trump noted his merits in the rapprochement of the two Koreas

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe meeting between the leaders of South Korea and the DPRK allowed Donald Trump to record a foreign policy triumph at his own expense, ABC News reports. At the same time, as the television channel notes, the US president does not have everything smooth at home: Democrats still refuse to admit that his campaign headquarters was not in collusion with Russia. And relations with the media are such that Trump decided to skip the annual dinner of the White House Correspondents’ Association for the second time.

After the historic summit (the leaders of South Korea and the DPRK – ed.) and on the eve of his own meeting with Kim Jong-no, President Trump celebrated his triumph.

He also had something to say about the “Russian investigation” and the new report of Republicans from the House of Representatives (Congress of the USA – ed.).

With us in touch from Washington, ABC News correspondent Tara Palmeri. Good morning, Tara!

TARA PALMERI, ABC News correspondent : Good morning, Dan and Paul. That’s right. It was a week of ups and downs for President Trump. The man he most wanted to see at the head of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, Ronnie Jackson, was forced to withdraw his candidacy because of scandalous accusations, but his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was confirmed in office. And then he (Trump – ed.) was able to celebrate the triumph of his campaign to exert increased pressure on North Korea.

President Trump accepts applause for the historic agreement of the leaders of North and South Korea, aimed at ending the conflict, which lasted for tens of years.

DONALD TRUMP, US President: I think I’m responsible for this. And, I think, other presidents should have done the same.

At the upcoming meeting with the North Korean dictator, the president will undertake the difficult task of clearing the Korean peninsula of nuclear weapons and establishing peace. For the past 60 years, this has been unattainable.

DONALD TRUMP: I’m looking forward to our meeting. It must be something.

At the same time, he makes it clear that he is ready to terminate the nuclear deal with Iran.

This week in Washington, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron tried to save the agreement before May 12, when the final decision on withdrawal should be made.

DONALD TRUMP: I think we will talk about Iran. But I do not have specific expectations about this.

In addition to contradictory foreign policy signals, President Trump favored the report of the House of Representatives Committee on Intelligence. In this report, published with numerous bills, it is said that there is no evidence of collusion of the election headquarters ( Trump. – InoTV ) with the Russians during the 2016 elections.

DONALD TRUMP: We were very pleased, this is a wonderful report. No collusion. Of course, I already knew about it. No coordination. Nothing.

But the Democrats on the committee call the report ” fundamentally untrue .” The investigation of the special prosecutor Muller and the investigation of the Senate Intelligence Committee are still going on.

TARA PALMERI: Instead of visiting the dinner tonight of the White House correspondents’ Association, President Trump will go to a rally in Michigan. He already passes the annual dinner for the second time. Last year in Pennsylvania, he even said that for him the greatest joy is to be a hundred miles from the press. But this year many of the top officials of his administration are planning to attend the event. Dan, Paula?

The president is engaged in what he is best at. Counterprogramming.

TARA PALMERI: That’s it!

Counterattack and counterprogramming. Many thanks, Tara!