About 3000 military will be fired from the Armed Forces of Turkey for their relations with Gulen

TURKEY (OBSERVATORY) – Another three thousand troops will be dismissed from the armed forces of Turkey on suspicion of involvement in the organization of the opposition Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen (FETO), said on Wednesday the Minister of Defense Nurettin Canikli.

The Turkish authorities accused Gulen of involvement in an attempted coup d’état on the night of July 16, 2016. Gülen himself declared his innocence and condemned the insurgency, but the Turkish authorities demanded his extradition from the United States, where the opposition preacher lives. In Turkey, after the mutiny, about 50,000 people were arrested, about 140,000 civil servants were dismissed or dismissed from their jobs.

“We have done a very hard job of identifying FETO members, in particular, we found about three thousand secret members of this structure in the Turkish Armed Forces.” In the coming days, they will be withdrawn from the Armed Forces through orders that have the force of law (KNK). the corresponding request to the administration of the Prime Minister, “Janaki told reporters in Ankara.