Advisor to Assad told about the plans of the Syrian army

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Adviser to Syrian President Hussein Shaaban called the West’s actions against the UAR a psychological war and said that after the liberation of East Ghouta, the army of the SAR is planning to liberate the rest of the country.

“The next stage after the liberation of Ghouta is the release of every grain of Syrian soil,” Shaaban said in an interview with the Al-Mayadeen TV channel .

The West previously accused Damascus of being a chimatak in the Syrian city of the Duma in East Ghouta. Moscow refuted information about the chlorine bomb allegedly dropped by the Syrian military.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the goal of the throw-in on the use of poisonous substances by the troops of Syria is to shield the terrorists and justify possible power strikes from outside. US President Donald Trump promised to take a decision on the actions against Syria in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons in the RAA.

According to Shaaban, what is happening now is “a psychological war through which the West wants to show strength after its failure.”

The adviser noted that coordination between Russia, Syria, Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah is full, and the West is afraid of it.

“We are not afraid of war and will be ready for it if it happens.” The rules of war have changed in favor of Damascus, and we are in better shape today than we were before, “she added.

The Duma remains the last bulwark of terrorists in East Ghouta. Thanks to the agreements reached earlier, under the control of the Russian and Syrian military police, the Duma managed to bring all the militants of the Failak Ar-Rahman group and their families to Idlib province, before several groups of Jays al-Islam fighters in Jarablus left the last captured city in Ghouta.

Since April 12, the units of the Russian military police have been introduced into the Duma to ensure security, maintain law and order and organize assistance to the local population.