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Afghanistan: report of suicide bombing revised upwards

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†At least 50 people were killed and 112 wounded on Sunday in an attack on a voter registration center in the Afghan capital, Kabul. Among the victims are 21 women and 5 children.

The suicide bombing occurred in an administrative center in a Shiite neighborhood of Kabul, the Taliban group, in a statement, rejected any involvement in the attack.

According to the Iranian news agency Defa Press, although it has been several hours since the suicide attack on a voter registration center in the Mahtab Qal’eh neighborhood, west of Kabul, Ambulances called to the scene to transport the dead and wounded always invade the streets of the neighborhood where the tragedy occurred.

The photos published before the explosion and the large number of people in the queue suggest that the number of killed and injured could be higher than the balance sheet announced by official sources.

After the Taliban denied responsibility for the attack, the Daesh Wahhabi group claimed responsibility for it through its propaganda agency Amaq.