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After Saudi Arabia, which Arab countries will be hit by Houthi missiles?

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe Houthi rebel army will also target, in the next phase of the war, the United Arab Emirates, the other Gulf countries as well as Sudan, Sputnik told the spokesman of the Houthi army.

“New countries will soon be on the list of targets to hit with our ballistic missiles ,” said General Charaf Loqman, spokesman for the rebel Houthi Army in an interview with the Sputnik news agency.

“The United Arab Emirates and other Gulf countries, as well as Sudan after it has given up withdrawing its armed forces from Yemen, will be the targets of our ballistic missiles,” said the rebel military leader.

“The next phase of the war will be marked by new surprises on all fronts of the fighting,” added the interlocutor of the agency, noting that “advanced artillery, new ballistic missiles with increased range compared to those already in use and reconnaissance and attack drones “will be the weapons that will be used by the rebel army.

Speaking on contradictory statements between the two sides of the conflict about the assessment of the human and material losses caused to each of them during the recent clashes, the general noted that “the fighting rages on the front and that no party can accurately assess its losses.”

“All evaluations are approximate. During the last six days of fighting we were able to identify and count 101 dead soldiers on the side of the coalition including more than ten senior officers,” he said.

Shiite Houthi rebels fired a rocket on Tuesday at King Faisal’s military base in Jizan, southern Saudi Arabia, the Al Masirah television channel, which is controlled by the Houthis, reported. The Saudi authorities have not confirmed the shooting.

The Houthis , who control much of Yemen, including the capital Sanaa, have fired a series of missiles at the Saudi kingdom in recent months.

An Arab coalition, under Saudi leadership, has been fighting in Yemen since 2015 against the Houthi movement, with the aim of reinstating President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, recognized by the international community.