Alexander Tayler resigns as CEO of Cambridge Analytica

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – Acting General Director of the British analytical company Cambridge Analytica, Alexander Tyler, left his post, the company said.

“The Board of Directors today announced that Alexander Taylor resigned as acting CEO of Cambridge Analytica and will return to the position of chief data officer to focus on various technical investigations and surveys,” the press release said on the company’s website.

Head of Cambridge Analytica Alexander Nix was removed from office on March 20 while studying his comments received by Channel. In them, Nyx announced the intervention of Cambridge Analytica in hundreds of election campaigns around the world with the help of bribes and kompromat.

Cambridge Analytica is a private UK-based analytical company that uses in-depth data analysis technology to develop strategic communication during election campaigns on the Internet. Facebook on April 4 reported that the data of 87 million of its users, mainly in the US, were erroneously transferred to Cambridge Analytica. The British company responded that it had the right to receive data of no more than 30 million people under the contract.

Earlier, the New York Times reported that collaborating with Donald Trump during the campaign Cambridge Analytica illegally received data from 50 million Facebook users. Based on the data collected, the researchers assessed the political preferences of voters and showed them advertising, which directly fell into their area of ​​interest. Attorney General of Massachusetts Mara Helay announced an investigation into Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.