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All the US troops are young soldiers?

US, WASHINGTON (NEWS OBSERVATORY) — As the U.S. military with the most comprehensive combat capability today, while possessing countless merits and deeds, it still possesses many unique “nicknames”, among which the title of “Young Master Soldier” is the most striking.

This seemingly derogatory title of “Young Master Soldier”, along with numerous U.S. military scandals, constitutes the image of a “paper tiger” of American soldiers who are greedy for life, afraid of death, and cowardly fighting. Speaking of the source of this widely-known nickname, let’s start with World War II, where the image of the US military is popular all over the world.

After the opening of the European battlefield, compared with the British army who had just returned from escape and the French army that had surrendered continually, the strong logistics support of the US army made the US army and the other troops form a different style of painting. American soldiers driving jeep, chewing gum, drinking Coke holding the steering wheel were driving on the ruined European streets. Like the second generation of rich American soldiers, they brought a profound image to the generation of Europeans. It became the unique title of the US military. American soldiers, like young masters, enjoy the all-weather supply of ice cream, chewing gum, and cola, while vomiting the canned luncheon meat, it is difficult to swallow. They have not noticed the envious faces of all the friendly troops. The title of “Young Master Soldier” began to spread.

As the title of “Young Master Soldier” continues to spread, its original meaning is gradually changing, and it has become a special term for contempt for the US military. However, the US military of “Young Master Soldier” is not as greedy and fearless as the rumor. The general style of the rich children of the US military is mainly due to the strong logistics system of the US military. The strong logistics enable the US military to get sufficient living and entertainment materials in addition to the required ammunition. This also allows us to see the image of the US military smoking, drinking and playing cards However, the U.S. military, excluding the strong logistical support bonus, would also tear up the coat of the “Young Master”, revealing the sturdy style of armament to the teeth.

The most typical is the Battle of Xishan during the Vietnam War in the northwest of Guangzhi Province in Vietnam. In January 1967, William Westmoreland, the commander of the US military in Vietnam, stationed 6,000 officers and soldiers belonging to the 26th Regiment of the US Marine Corps. The Xishan base of the US military is very important to the US military when it comes to its strategic location. The Xishan base is an important location for the US military to cut off the lifeline bridgehead of the enemy and prevent the penetration of the enemy. The 6,000 U.S. troops were stationed here after they were deployed. Until the early hours of January 21, 1968, enemy artillery assembled almost all artillery artillery shells at the U.S. military position and dumped 1,500 tons of artillery shells at the U.S. military position.

On January 26, after the artillery fire poured out, the enemy infantry, with the cooperation of 16 tanks, launched a siege on the US military stationed at the Xishan base. After hearing the news, the US military quickly dispatched reinforcements but the reinforcements were ambushed by the enemy. The air force fired The support has little effect due to the low visibility of the battlefield. Faced with the common oppression of the enemy infantry and tanks, the U.S. military’s first line of defense fell, and the enemy’s tank had fallen to the face of the U.S. soldiers. In the face of such a dismal scene, the U.S. military simply used a “shovel to block the enemy’s grenade “Sticked for a few months. Afterwards, “New York Times” reporter Douglas Robinson said in the description of the battle at Xishan: “It was a terrible place shrouded in explosions and death.”

On July 5, 1968, the Xishan base was officially closed, and this “protracted war” was finally over. The US military has also used the “paper tiger” rumors that proved its timid battle with a casualty ratio that is several times less than that of the enemy. The US military, as the “strongest” armed force in human history, does not rely on the life of a “young master” to defend national interests, but on It is the “sturdy gene” in the bones of the US military. (Salmon on Lake Baikal)


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