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Ankara’s adventure: how the Turkish military operate in Syria

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — Turkey in the province of Idlib treacherously supports the fire of terrorists in attacks on the Syrian army.

Shots of fire – this is how the Syrian army responded to an attempt by militants and the Turkish military to break through the defenses of government forces in the area of ​​the village of Nairobi, which is located near Serakib.

Video from a drone circulated by the Syrian defense. On footage – the destruction of M60 tanks, armored vehicles and attacks on shelters and clusters of militants. Neither experts from Turkey nor the radicals, whom the Turkish military sent to battle, expected this opposition. In Syria, the events of recent days are called the “adventure of Ankara”, and more stringent formulations sound.

The consequences of the artillery strike of the Turkish Armed Forces. The houses in the village near the Syrian Serakib are destroyed, in the ruins – the dead inhabitants. The Turkish army openly supported the attack of the militants of the Khayyat Tahrir al-Sham terrorist group, previously it was called Jabhat al-Nusra.

The artillery of the Turkish Armed Forces hit the positions of the Syrian army in Nairobi, and shells exploded in residential areas of neighboring villages.

Russian drone “Outpost” from a height of 6 thousand meters recorded the fact of massive shelling and Turkish artillery bombardment in the interests of radical Islamists. The frames show how the barrel artillery of the Turkish Armed Forces works.

After the artillery bombardment, militants advanced, Turkish tanks supported the radicals in the land, and Turkish army armored vehicles were brought to the front edge of the groupings. Hybrid warfare escalated into a direct clash. The militants even had a chance to break through the line of defense of government forces. With so much support!

During the attack of the radicals, Turkish shells fell on the M5 highway, and civilians were already using the road. A Syrian army truck with ammunition was destroyed, which then exploded for several hours.

The attack was stopped by Russian aircraft. Front-line bombers Su-24 took off from Khmeimim, the pilots bombed clusters of militants and armored vehicles. The onset of the radicals choked. At the same time, Russian planes tried to shoot down.

The moment of rocket launch of the Stinger portable anti-aircraft missile system, which is produced in Turkey under license. The video quality is poor, but probably the MANPADS operator is a fighter of the Turkish special forces unit. This is evidenced by specialist equipment and equipment.

Russian pilot shoots false thermal targets and leaves the rocket. The professionalism of officers once again saves the region from a critical aggravation. All Russian aircraft on the day of the Turkish attack landed safely at the Russian base of Khmeimim. At the same time, only a week in Syria killed three Turkish military, another five were injured. President Erdogan admitted that the losses occurred during the Syrian Air Force attacks.

The open Turkish support for the radicals also complicated the humanitarian situation. Terrorists do not let civilians out of the war zone. Members of the former al-Qaeda branch (banned in the Russian Federation) have traditionally used civilians as human shields, simply restrict access to humanitarian corridors organized by the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Parties in Syria, or deliver mortar strikes.

After the attack, this humanitarian corridor was closed. The village of Bjarez was under fire from Turkish artillery. From here to the positions of the radicals no more than one and a half kilometers. Now it is a war zone. Sarmin is still under the control of terrorists.

The road is being shot, artillery continues to work. We can’t drive. We will use a drone. But the Turkish military is actively using electronic suppression, so we can lose the copter. The drone control signal really disappears.

Sarmin is a large settlement near Idlib. Ankara is also transferring additional forces here. Moreover, the unsuccessful attack of the terrorists did not affect the pace of replenishment of the group.

Already, Idlib has five full-fledged Turkish battalion-tactical groups — about 4 thousand soldiers and officers, about 80 modern tanks, 2 hundreds of armored vehicles, and dozens of barrels and rocket artillery. In addition, Ankara deployed artillery electronic intelligence. The composition is understandable, the group was not formed for defense. And so that it was clear who the Turkish military interacted with. This is the Khayyat Tahrir al-Sham group. The gunman picked up the phone of the murdered Syrian soldier and calls his mother. Fun reports that the son is beheaded. And these are the other pro-Turkish militants mock the killed fighters of government forces and shoot it on video.

Now the situation on the front line is tense. Artillery dueling continues. Government forces use armored vehicles to repel the attacks of radical groups. Mostly the militants of the Hayyat Tahrir al-Sham terrorist attack.

At night, the militants use large-caliber weapons, hit the places of deployment of government forces. Turkey pays dearly for actions in Syria Idlib. It is already difficult to explain both human and reputational losses. Never before has Ankara so clearly supported terrorist organizations in the region. Turkish military defend Idlib. The name of the city has long been associated with the main center of international terrorism in the world.

On February 21, the Kremlin, through the mouth of Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, once again categorically declared that Turkey had not fulfilled its obligations undertaken in Sochi in September the year before last.

“It can be said unequivocally that the conditions of the Sochi accords, which were signed by two presidents more than a year ago, where it was said that Turkey should ensure the withdrawal of heavy weapons and so on, have not yet been fulfilled. So far, we see that the terrorists are there well-armed, they are constantly fed ammunition, ammunition, military equipment. Very dangerous samples of military equipment fall into their hands, “said Dmitry Peskov.

It is clear that this state of affairs is causing concern among leading European countries such as France and Germany. The leaders of these states even propose a summit for four, in other words, the “Norman format”, only with Turkey. Putin is ready.

“President Putin is also a supporter of the summit. As soon as the schedules of the four presidents can be agreed, such a summit will be held,” Dmitry Peskov assured.


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