Anxiety prevails in Italy after two deaths due to coronavirus

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — Italy recorded the first two deaths among citizens of a European country as a result of the emerging Coronavirus, forcing the authorities to isolate about a dozen towns in the north of the country to contain the epidemic and reassure the anxious population.

The second victim, aged 78, is a resident of a small village in Veneto, a region adjacent to Lombardy that witnessed the first death of a 75-year-old woman, announced on Saturday morning.

In both cases, the two victims were hospitalized about ten days ago as a result of infections, but they were found to be infected with the emerging coronavirus.

In total, about 40 injuries were recorded in Italy, including at least 32 in Lombardy, in the vicinity of a residence in Codonia, 60 km from Milan, and 7 cases in Veneto, in addition to three cases in Rome, according to Sky Italia TV.

The woman who died at night was staying in a village near Kudonia.

Italy has become the country most affected in Europe by the viral pneumonia epidemic that emerged in China in December.

The sudden wave of injuries forced the Italian authorities to take strict measures, including imposing a partial quarantine for a week on about a dozen towns in the north of the country.

The Ministry of Health made this decision after monitoring a traditional residence in Codonia, near the city of Lodi, in southeastern Italy, linked to a 38-year-old man who was hospitalized on Wednesday evening.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte called for a special meeting on Saturday with the participation of the Civil Defense, and indicated the intention to take other “exceptional measures”.

In most of the towns concerned, bars, restaurants, schools, churches, gymnasiums and around 40 stadiums are closed.

The measure also affected libraries, municipalities and several stores. The cancellation lasted until the carnival rallies.

50,000 people were invited to stay in their homes as much as possible and avoid crowded closed spaces.

On Saturday, schools in the large city of Cremona were also closed. Trains were stopped at Milan and Lecce station on Friday evening until the passengers carrying the flu symptoms were sent off.

“The most important question” relates to the source of infection in his region, because the patients have not had “any contact with” Chinese or people returning from China, Veneto region chief Luca Zia said in a statement to Ray News 24.

– empty streets –

An AFP photographer saw empty streets in Codonia, home to about 15,000 people.

Since the first cases were announced on Friday, its mayor, Francesco Passerini, has decided to close all public places, and has spoken of a “major concern” for the population.

About 250 people, including 70 doctors and paramedics, were placed in isolation pending the examination, after contact with patients in Lombardy.

The first injury appeared in Codonia to an Italian researcher working for Unilever, and he was placed in the intensive care unit of the hospital due to the bad condition. Injuries include his eight-month-old pregnant wife, his friend and three elderly people who used to visit a bar over the property of his friend’s father.

Of the 160 employees of Unilever, 120 were examined.

The Lombardy authorities did not specify the exact person who transmitted the infection for the first time, but it is likely that an Italian returned from China in January and had dinner more than once with the researcher.

Prior to this, Italy had only detected three cases of the emerging coronavirus, the infection was transmitted to them outside the country and received treatment in Rome. Among two Chinese tourists, their condition has improved in recent days.

On the other hand, an Italian who was infected with the virus was deported on board the Diamond Bransas ship in Japan, and about 30 Italian passengers deported with him were quarantined.


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