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Arab Coalition: intercept a missile fired by the Houthis on Najran

YEMEN (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe Saudi-led international coalition today announced the intercept of a ballistic missile fired by militants of the Ansar al-Houthi group in the southwestern city of Najran.

The spokesman for the coalition Colonel Turki al-Maliki that the Saudi Defense Forces spotted a ballistic missile launched by the Houthis from the province of Saada towards the lands of Najran, “deliberately to target civilian and populated areas.”

The official said that the missile intercept resulted in the spread of shrapnel on the residential neighborhoods, causing a fire in a farm, without causing any injuries.

The Royal Air Defense Force (RAF) earlier in the day spotted another ballistic missile heading towards the Kingdom’s territory, but it fell into a desert area free of damage.

Maliki again attacked the Iranian government, stressing that the recent targeting proves that Tehran continues to support the Houthis with “qualitative capabilities”, contrary to the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

There has been no comment on the subject by the Houthis until now.