Arab expert: a war would make Israel disappear from the map

ISRAEL (OBSERVATORY) – The threats made by the US president, who reported the possibility of firing missiles on Syria, show above all a lost head of state who seeks to make forget the failures of his domestic policies.

Israel at the heart of the new American coalition:

Abdelbari Atwan, editor-in-chief of the newspaper Raï al-Youm , adds: “We initially believed that Donald Trump’s imminent attack on Syria would be a tripartite offensive, that is, launched with the participation of France. and the United Kingdom alongside the United States. But after threats by Israeli officials, we understand that the Israeli regime will also be at the heart of the new US coalition and that Iran and Hezbollah are likely to be at the top of the coalition’s target list. ”

Israel warned Tehran and threatened Bashar al-Assad:

“Israel has threatened to eliminate Bashar al-Assad and his regime if Iran ever tried to smite Israel from Syria.

Israel fears retaliation from Iran after seven Iranians were killed in an Israeli regime missile attack on T4 airbase near Homs. It is true that Tehran is in its highest state of alert, but Israel must also expect some retaliation from Hezbollah and Syria, considering that it has decided to play a big role in the new American coalition. And especially since Israeli Minister of Construction and Housing, Yoav Galant, said that the time had come to assassinate Bashar al-Assad.”

Putin’s warning to Netanyahu:

“Russian President Vladimir Putin has spoken on the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu. During their interview, he tried to dissuade the latter from taking part in the new US coalition.

It must be said that the popularity of Donald Trump is lowest on American soil, especially since it was learned that his staff were bogged down in corruption and fraud related to the last US presidential.

So he tries to make the whole world forget his internal defeats by invoking Assad’s alleged chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta to finally launch “his war” in Syria.”

The announcement of a major war by a president defeats:

“Trump said in tweets that smart and new missiles were on their way to Syria and that Russia should be ready to deal with them. It sounds like a declaration of war by a US president who is seeking to restore his country’s world leadership that he himself has helped to lose, to the benefit of countries like Russia and China, and , in particular because of his acquaintance with Arab billionaires, the blackmail he has exerted on them and finally his sexual scandals.”

Assad will not leave the Syrian soil:

“Contrary to what the Israeli, American and even Arab media say, Assad will not leave Syria. He and his family did not even leave the presidential palace when the latter was the target of rockets. Assad has never failed in his responsibilities in recent years, even though the terrorists had mastered 60% of his country. So why would he leave Syria, now that he has recovered most of the national territory?

Israel has threatened to eliminate Assad and wipe Syria off the map, but there is a proverb that says, “Dog barking does not bite.”

Israel had about 20 years to implement its threats and it did not do so. What he now has to fear if the war flares up is that he may well disappear from the map of the world, because if the missiles of the Resistance could never wait for America, they will have no harm in Israel, its settlements and airports.”