Arab League Summit accused the Syrian authorities of using chemical weapons

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe Arab League Summit (LAS) condemned the possible use of chemical weapons by Syrian authorities and demanded an international investigation into the incident in the Duma.

“The Arab League Summit strongly condemned the Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons against the Syrian people,” said Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir.

It is noted that at the meeting of the heads of the member states of the Arab League, the situation in Syria was discussed after the rocket attacks on the United States and its allies.

For strikes were made by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other members of the Cooperation Council of the Arab States of the Persian Gulf. Lebanon, Algeria and Iraq condemned the blows.

Earlier, Russian leader Vladimir Putin in his greeting to the countries of the League of Arab States (LAS) on the occasion of the next summit noted that Russia is ready to develop cooperation with the states of the Middle East to ensure security in the region.