Archaeologists found in Italy a medieval “cyborg”

ITALY (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Archaeologists in the north of Italy discovered the remains of a man from the early Middle Ages who attached a knife to the place of an amputated hand. This is reported by the Journal of Anthropological Sciences.

The find found in the medieval cemetery dates back to the 6th-8th centuries. At the time of death, the age of the man was 40-50 years, his arm was amputated near the middle of the forearm. Presumably it is known that the hand had to be removed because of an injury. The man was buried with his arm bent at the elbow, so that the knife rested on his stomach.

Belts for fixing the prosthesis, presumably made of leather, decayed, but the D-shaped buckle remained. After examining the remains of the specialists came to the conclusion that the teeth of the man were severely erased. In all probability, the deceased regularly fixed with their help prostheses.

Among other things, the remains of a decapitated horse, several dogs and people were found in the cemetery.