Are these miracles effective in combating coronavirus?

US, WASHINGTON (NEWS OBSERVATORY) — As the resumption of work and production is progressing orderly in different places, a number of products have become very popular in online stores and city stores, and they say they can counteract the virus and help prevent COVID-19 pneumonia. Some of these things are touted as “high tech,” and some are considered “obsolete models.”

Are these “miraculous things” reliable to protect against an epidemic?

Cool technology or cheating?

In recent days, the “disinfection card,” which can be worn, has become a mandatory attribute of Internet stars. It is believed that the card can disinfect and protect the owner from the virus. As the correspondent found out, these “disinfection cards” constantly release chlorine dioxide, which purifies the air around the user in a diameter of 50 cm, neutralizing bacteria, viruses, smog, smoke, pollen, etc. The card expiration date is 30 days.

Is this “disinfection card” really needed? Dong Chuan, head of the Institute of Environmental Studies at Shanxi University, believes that chlorine dioxide is an effective element for disinfection and sterilization, but its concentration plays an important role. This disinfection card, located on the neck, can release chlorine dioxide with a low concentration, which will dissipate in the air, so it can give a very limited effect.

In order to achieve a concentration sufficient to kill viruses, the disinfection card must be very large, and here it is worth remembering that a high concentration of chlorine dioxide is dangerous not only for the environment, but also for the upper respiratory tract and the lining of the human eye.

Another novelty – “trivalent silver ion disinfection spray” – is also very popular. Vendors claim that the bactericidal activity of trivalent ions is 60,000 times greater than that of alcohol.

Moreover, they have the functions of prolonged sterilization and protection against the virus. After spraying the spray, an active film immediately forms, it can be used in combination with a mask, it can be sprayed on the outer and inner sides of the mask, and in an emergency even directly on the face.

“Until now, the port has not yet appeared on the market products that would really be associated with trivalent ions,” Sun Yafei, a member of the Songshuhui Association of Scientific Communicators, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, told the correspondent.

According to him, silver ions do have a certain antibacterial and disinfecting effect, but the virus is different from bacteria, the destruction of bacteria does not mean the destruction of viruses. At present, authoritative organizations have not yet confirmed that silver ions are effective against a new type of coronavirus.

Masks with graphene, a portable air purifier … A number of “high-tech” products “broaden the horizons” of people. In this regard, experts note that these products under the flag of “high technology” are either simply a hoax or have a certain scientific base, but their practical effect is still very limited, and some even have a negative effect on human health.

Can essential oil destroy the virus?

Lactoferrin, probiotics, essential oils … What are the actual functions of these products as “immunity enhancement” and “COVID-19 pneumonia prophylaxis” drugs?

“Some essential oils do have a bactericidal and antibacterial effect, but there is no evidence that they are effective against the virus,” Sun Yafei explains.

Probiotics have also become a popular “cure for the epidemic.” Regarding this, Qiu Futbin, Executive Director of the Standing Committee of the China Dietetics Association and Deputy Director of the Public Health Institute of Shanxi Medical University, said probiotics are not a miracle cure for the epidemic.

In addition, people also buy lactoferrin, believing that its immunoprotective ability will help protect against an epidemic. Qiu Fubin said that lactoferrin is the main immune protein in breast milk and can actually improve the baby’s immunity, but this is different from the additional lactoferrin supplement, which will hydrolyze into protein and iron after it enters the body, which will help supplement iron for a person with iron deficiency this is useful. However, one should not exaggerate the effect of this protein on adults.

Specialists noted that, using the “associated machine” of COVID-19 pneumonia, some sellers exaggerate the effects of products and mislead consumers to buy goods.

In this regard, local market governance authorities have tightened supervision of advertising during the period of prevention and control of the epidemic.


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