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Assad is hiding his military equipment at Russian airports

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY via AL-JAZEERA) –┬áSources from the Syrian opposition to the island said that the Syrian regime transferred aircraft and ammunition from bases to the bases of the Russian forces in anticipation of a US military strike in Syria.

The correspondent of the island of Idlib Suhaib al-Khalaf said that the Syrian armed opposition spotted during the past two days contacts between the regime’s teams and intensive movements on the ground to transport fighters and helicopters and military equipment from the airport of Tifour in the countryside of Homs and Sin Airport – also called Sakal Airport – in the countryside of Damascus towards the base of Hamimim And Nayrab airports in Aleppo and Damascus International.

The trucks also transported military equipment from Hama airport to the Syrian coast, indicating that the Syrian army is taking seriously the possibility of possible US strikes.

The sources said the opposition to the island that the movements included the aircraft of a modern model only, noting that the operation took place in military bases in the center of the country since the beginning of the US threats.

While US President Donald Trump echoed on Twitter today, saying that American missiles “are coming to Syria,” Russia has threatened to drop any US missiles fired at Syria and target its launch sites.

In the meantime, Al Jazeera correspondent reported that anticipation and caution dominate the Syrian street in light talk about possible US strikes, especially after announcement of the World Health Organization for monitoring symptoms chemical attack on hundreds of residents Ghouta East.

On the other hand, civilians in the opposition areas do not expect much of the American strike, as they will not limit the ability of the regime and the foreign militias that supported President Bashar al-Assad and prevented him from falling, nor will it change the field situation on the ground.

The Syrians fear in the opposition areas that the targeted attacks targeted the remaining Syrian infrastructure, according to the correspondent.

It is noteworthy that America was directed in April last year a major blow to the Syrian regime targeting the airport hairs in the countryside Homs enabled the destruction of more than twenty aircraft of the regime in response to a chemical attack of the Syrian regime in the province of Idlib (northwestern Syria).