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Assad’s military plan against Israel

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áDuring a meeting with his military commanders, the Syrian president announced his firm will to declare war on Israel.

“After the Israeli attack on T4 air base in Homs, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad held a meeting of hours with Syrian army commanders. It seems that the Syrian president has told his commanders to be ready to go to war, whatever the price, “the Arabic daily Intekhab Addiyar wrote .

“We will pay the price required to preserve our Syrian dignity and civilization and we will defeat those Zionist rascals, the very ones who hid behind American technology,” the Syrian president was quoted as saying.

Intikhab Addiyar adds that President Assad went on to say: “We defeated them during the liberation of southern Lebanon in 2006. We also neutralized their plot and this time we will defeat them directly. Prepare for martyrdom operations against Israeli air bases.”

Assad reportedly added: “Each fighter plane has to carry 10 tons of bombs and missiles to detonate these Israeli bases. In addition, another fighter must also carry 10 tonnes of explosives before entering the airspace of Ben Gurion International Airport in the heart of Tel Aviv to destroy all aircraft there.”

Addressing the commanders of the Syrian army, the Syrian president said: “Another fighter plane carrying 10 tons of explosives will be needed to destroy Israel’s gas sites in the open sea. beat up the last drop of blood. Syria will not be defeated. On the other hand, it will be Israel that will be defeated, as it was in Lebanon in 2006. The era of Israeli mercenaries is over.”