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Atlantic currents warn of a global catastrophe

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áScientists have discovered that the Gulf’s warm sea current has slowed very slowly to a minimum of 1600 years, leading to very cold seasons in Western Europe, rising sea levels and reduced tropical rain.

Scientists at the University of London College have discovered a slowing down of the warm current of the Gulf (15%), a water current in the Atlantic Ocean, a continuation of the Northern Equator.

The scientists studied sediments in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, near the confluence of the warm Gulf Stream and Cold Labrador Stream.

When collisions collide, a whirlpool and sediment of hazardous sand is obtained on the ships. Through the size of these deposits can judge the strength of currents at any time.

The speed began to decline after the end of the Little Ice Age in the XIV-XIX centuries. This decline continues because of global warming.

Scientists have concluded that this speed will continue to decline because the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere continues to rise because of the burning of large amounts of fuel.