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Attack in Toronto: was incident a terrorist attack?

CANADA (OBSERVATORY) – The incident in Toronto, where as a result of a car hit at full speed for pedestrians, 10 people died and 15 received various injuries, the Canadian authorities refuse to recognize the terrorist attack, although they consider it as one of the versions.

Everything happened in the city center on Yang Street. White van, not reducing speed and knocking all in its path, drove about a kilometer.

At the same time, only 15 minutes from the site of the attack was the ministerial meeting of the G-7 countries. Nevertheless, even during such an event on the streets of Toronto there were no reinforced police units.

According to eyewitnesses, the truck just drove down the street and crushed people, and then disappeared. The man was taken alive, his name is Alec Minasyan.

Just a few hours before the tragedy, on his page in Facebook, there appeared such a strange record: “The insurrection of those who forcedly accepted the vow of celibacy has already begun! We will overthrow all Chad and Stacy.” Long live the High Gentleman Elliot Roger! ”

Apparently, the text needs a decryption. In North America, for 30 years, the company “Unintentional vow of celibacy” operates. Adepts more than once accused of justifying rape of women.

Chad and Stacy are a collective image of guys and girls who, on the contrary, have an active sex life.

Elliot Roger is a criminal who committed a massacre in California four years ago, allegedly due to the fact that women did not give him the proper attention.

Perhaps, for Alec Minasyan, he was an idol. But neighbors in the quiet area of Toronto Richmond Hill did not notice anything suspicious in the behavior of the young man.

“Almost every morning he went for a run for an hour or two, we never spoke, nobody visited him, and he himself did not communicate with his neighbors, led a closed way of life, only constantly trained. It’s very scary that such a person lived with us , in our quiet area, ” Minasyan’s neighbors reported.

It is possible that the leaked information about Minasyan’s ties with the misogynist community is a throwback to the eye or an awkward attempt by the Canadian authorities to justify their own negligence.

The word “terrorist act” to the Canadian authorities, apparently, to say out loud ashamed.