Belgrade: “The strikes on Syria recall the atmosphere before the First World War”

SERBIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe atmosphere created in the world by the American strikes on Syria recalls that which existed on the eve of the First World War, according to the head of the Serbian state.

The situation in the world after the US strikes on Syria recalls that before the First World War, said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on national television.

“The fight for resources, for oil, copper, aluminum, the confrontation of interests. This atmosphere reminds me of the one that preceded the First World War. I do not say that this will lead to something similar, since the forces and the military power are terribly big,” said the President.

“We must remain silent and work on economic progress, as well as strengthen our security forces to be able to defend ourselves. We must achieve economic prosperity through smart politics, “said the Serbian head of state, stressing that” in the end, there will be no one anywhere to protect anyone”.

The President’s intervention was very cautious, he expressed himself by meticulously choosing his words.

The United States, the United Kingdom and France attacked sites of military infrastructure in Syria during the night of 13-14 April. The allies fired more than 100 missiles (last year, the Syrian military airfield in Shayrat had already been attacked by 59 missiles), 71 of which were shot down by the Syrian Air Defense Authority as they approached their targets.

Earlier, Washington, London and Paris said the strikes were a response to the alleged chemical attack in the city of Douma.

The Syrian authorities have always denied this attack, while the Russian Ministry of Defense has said it was staged.