Bitcoin (BTC) – Binance starts counting down to halving

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — Bitcoin is at the center of concerns at the start of 2020. The reason revolves mainly around its next halving. This news is often accompanied by a sharp rise in the price of BTC and an increase in the adoption of digital currencies.

Historically, the Bitcoin price curve has experienced strong growth during each of its halvings . A division by 2 of the rewards allocated to minors. He has known 2 so far. And each time the report is final. In the weeks following this event, the BTC recorded record increases.

On November 28, 2012, during the first halving, its price had increased from approximately $ 13 to more than $ 190. During the second edition, July 9, 2016, same scenario.

This time the price was around $ 650 and registered an increase which continued until the Bull-Run at the end of 2017 and the ATH of $ 19,665 . What motivate the troops!

Binance starts counting

The Binance exchange platform has understood this, this halving is an opportunity to bring many new amateurs into the world of cryptocurrencies. And to satisfy this seasonal movement , it launched a special page dedicated to Bitcoin halving.

At the top there is a clock whose countdown brings us closer to the fateful moment every second.

It is possible to see in detail the current block height and the number of blocks remaining before this halving. Because the date is not precise . It depends on the number of blocks processed and can only be estimated. The only certainty at present is that it must take place around the beginning of May .

Bitcoin at $ 100,000

If we refer to past halvings, the next such deadline is the central argument put forward by the defenders of Bitcoin at $ 100,000 . And it is true that, given its historical curve, this possibility could emerge. The current fall in its course would even be a logical and predictable pre-halving movement that would only appear in the next ascent.

However, the current market is not at all the same as in 2016 , and even less than in 2012. At the time everything was much more intimate and much less mainstream. A difference that could influence the course of this halving . Even if everyone agrees to consider it upward.


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