Bitcoin rate jumped on the news of his “halal”

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áToday’s spectacular jump in the bitcoin rate for more than a thousand dollars in just half an hour has somewhat dumbfounded many participants of the crypto-currency market. There was all this against the backdrop of several large purchases that followed the publication of the Blossom Finance start-up study.

The first crypto currency and altcoins followed. Although there were no objective reasons for such a sharp increase in the market was not recorded. A number of Twitter users suggested that the reason for the positive attitude was the announcement of bitcoin “halal” in terms of sharia.

“Positive news! Another 1.8 billion people will now be able to buy bitcoin. Bitcoin is declared halal for the Islamic community. Expect a jump in prices as soon as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Abu Dhabi sovereign funds enter the market of crypto-currency,” they write in one of the Telegram channels.

Such bold assumptions emerged as a result of the publication of the Blossom Finance start-up research, to the position of adviser in which Mufti Muhammad Abu Bakar is listed. In this study, bitcoin is recognized as money that is allowed for use by Muslims in the event that local authorities do not impose a ban on digital currencies.

The study shows and evidence that crypto-currencies do not contradict the Shariah ban on partial-coverage banking transactions. True organization of the ICO procedure is classified as dubious and not recommended to Muslims.

In general, after the marked jump and the correction that followed, the rate of bitcoin for the day increased by 11% and is at the time of writing $ 7665. The second most popular crypto currency – ethereum – also increased in price by almost 10% and reached $ 400. Total market capitalization for the first time in April exceeded $ 300 billion.