Bomb blast kills at least 5 during a football match in Somalia

SOMALIA (OBSERVATORY) – A bomb killed five people in a football match in southern Somalia, police and a lawmaker said on Friday, the first time a bomb had been bombed in a stadium.

Police said the blast took place in the coastal town of Brauwa in the Lower Shabelle area when residents were watching a football match on Thursday afternoon.

Police said the bomb was apparently detonated by remote control.

“The bomb killed five people and wounded 12 others in the soccer field,” said Muhad Dour, a deputy from southwest Somalia. Adding that all the dead and wounded from the public.

Police officer Mohammed Adan said al Qaeda-linked al-Shabab was believed to be behind the attack, adding that the death toll was four, while the number of wounded was 12.

“The police believe al-Shabaab is behind the attack and the target was officials who were not sitting at the time of the match,” Adan told Reuters from Brahwa, adding that the bomb was planted there and apparently controlled remotely.

“The al-Shabaab movement carried out an explosion that killed teenagers who were playing football in the town of Barwa,” President Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed said at a farewell ceremony. “Al Shabaab is the country’s only enemy.