Britain is preparing for new tough negotiations with the EU on Brexit

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — British authorities have published a tough plan of negotiations with the European Union, emphasizing their desire for future economic and political independence, reports Reuters.

It is noted that a similar desire by the government of the current British Prime Minister Boris Johnson pushes London to a future clash with Brussels.

Leaving the EU last month, Britain should agree on trade deals and agreements on everything from fishing to transport to the end of the year, putting an end to more than 40 years of close political and economic relations with the European Union.

Agreeing that, leaving the EU customs union and the single market, British enterprises will face new “frictions” in trade with the bloc, Britain has clarified its position – the newly acquired sovereignty will push economic growth.

Both sides should prepare by June what the London negotiating group called the “broad agreement plan,” otherwise Britain will agree to an undefined Australian-style trade agreement.

“December 31, 2020 … Great Britain will fully restore its economic and political independence,” the negotiating mandate of the British government says.

“This is a vision of relations based on friendly cooperation between sovereign equals, while both sides respect each other’s legal autonomy and the right to dispose of their resources as they see fit,” the document says.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the face of the UK EU withdrawal campaign in 2016, questioned his reputation and possibly his future as a leader in “achieving Brexit,” and accused his negotiating team of ensuring a clean break with the bloc.

Since none of the parties even agreed with the format of the negotiations to be held on March 2, the negotiations seem to be a “battle of characters”, since both the British side and the EU team are already accusing each other of violating previous agreements.

Earlier this week, the European side announced that negotiations after Brexit would be “very difficult” and could fail if London did not secure a new land border with a block on the border with Ireland.


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