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British Labor Party leader criticized Theresa May about strikes against Syria

UNITED KINGDOM (OBSERVATORY) –¬†British Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn criticized Prime Minister Theresa May for her participation in the strikes against Syria.

“As the Prime Minister just said, we can launch air strikes on Saudi Arabia for using prohibited weapons,” said Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the British Labor Party, criticizing the unauthorized action undertaken by Theresa May who participated in the bombing of Syria under the pretext of Damascus’s use of chemical weapons and the contradictory behavior of the United Kingdom towards Yemen.

“The humanitarian crisis in Yemen is allowing other countries to strike at Saudi air positions and bases for using prohibited phosphorus bombs,” Corbyn told the House of Commons yesterday.

“3 United Nations bodies sounded the alarm in January on the worst humanitarian crisis since the end of the Second World War in Yemen,” he added.

The British MP reminded Theresa May that Britain continued to sell arms to the Riyadh regime while there is evidence that the Saudi army is using prohibited weapons against Yemeni populations. Jeremy Corbyn referred to reports of the use of white phosphorus bombs in Yemen, questioning why the British army did not launch air strikes against the Saudi military infrastructure where these chemical weapons are stored. writes the Algerian newspaper Patriotic Algeria.

Corbyn, however, called for a law prohibiting the government from carrying out military action without the approval of Parliament.