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British special forces turn into executioners and war criminals

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — London is ready to resort to extraordinary measures in order to prevent the militants of the Islamic State from entering its territory. What is happening is directly connected with the Turkish military operation in northern Syria – and with the fact that as a result, many extremists can be released.

What does Britain and its special units have to do with this?

The military operation of the Turkish army in the northern regions of Syria against the Kurdish military structures caused an unexpected reaction in the UK. Following Trump’s decision to withdraw American troops from these areas, the British leadership expressed its own concerns about what was happening.

The fact is that in this region a large number of ISIS militants are held in prisons. And among these prisoners there are many fighters – subjects of the Queen of Great Britain.

“British militants end up in prisons in northern Syria,” a source in the king’s intelligence services told the British press. It is assumed that hostilities will lead to the fact that in the coming weeks a “decent amount” of extremely dangerous British ISIS fighters will be free.

Because, in particular, Kurdish prison guards will leave their posts as a result of an attack by the Turkish armed forces.

The British intelligence services rightly suggest that after such a release, the British ISIS fighters will return to the UK. And it is unlikely that they will change their extremist beliefs. Thus, in the United Kingdom itself, there will be a threat of a terrorist underground.

As if in confirmation of this the other day, a video appeared on social networks in which just like the similar escape of prisoners in Syria is depicted. The video demonstrates how several prisoners escaped from the prison complex after Turkish units covered with mortar fire units of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Thus, assumptions have become a reality – or at least publicly legalized.

And immediately after that, according to sources in the British special services, the British Special Forces SAS (Special Air Service) was immediately put on high alert. SAS has already prepared rapid response teams in the event of an imminent mass breakout from prisons.

The Daily Mail claims that an appropriate action plan is also ready – SAS fighters in groups of eight people will be deployed by helicopter in northern Syria. According to the press, they will be ready to start raids under the code designation “kill or catch.” And the goal of these raids will be to prevent British militants from escaping from Syrian prisons, who swore allegiance to the Islamic State.

The situation, in principle, is clear. It’s not entirely true, however, how the British special forces will counteract the dispersal of Islamist militants from prisons. But some assumptions on this score can still be made.

First of all, pay attention to the code name of the raids: “kill or catch”. First kill – and only then catch, and not vice versa. That is, in fact, they will catch in the last turn, when the victim lies on the ground and refuses to move. In all the rest, killing is preferable.

Thus, it is possible that SAS fighters will be sent directly to those areas where Syrian prisons filled with Islamists are located. And in the event of a threat of abandonment by the prison guards, British special forces will destroy prisoners right in the cells. Maybe not very humane, but “cheap, reliable and practical.” Well, in fact, do not catch them then all over the world.

In other words, if all these messages correspond to the truth – and we definitely cannot exclude this – we have a direct recognition of the obvious fact. Great Britain, before our eyes, is forming special groups of liquidators, professional killers, whose task is to destroy unarmed and already convicted criminals.

Destroy without trial, guided only by the principle of political expediency and understanding of ensuring the security of the British state. Before this, the famous “license to kill”, which was issued to the sacramental agent 007, also fades.

The agent is an artistic invention, but the SAS fighters, who are tasked with committing military crimes, are quite real.

Actually, the criminal liability of SAS fighters for war crimes has not been threatened for a long time. After all, the guantanamo jailers for torture and abuse of the Islamists were not prosecuted. And public opinion is likely to side with the “defenders of democracy.”

But the question remains open: is it democracy?


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