But where is Obama?

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — For a large absent, Barack Obama could hardly be more present in the bitter battle that fight the candidates for the democratic nomination for the presidential.

Quoted dozens of times during the debates, featured (not consenting) in campaign spots, he sticks strictly to his silence despite his warnings, behind the scenes, against the blow to the bar promised by the favorite Bernie Sanders.

“The establishment panics” or “To present Bernie Sanders against Trump would be an act of madness”: the headlines of the American media reflect the distress of certain moderate democrats, who claim their filiation with Obama.

They are worried to see this self-proclaimed “socialist” confront Republican President Donald Trump on their behalf during the presidential election in November.

After his good results in the first states that voted, the independent senator is, at 78, the big favorite of the Democratic primaries.

And the avalanche of polls scheduled for Tuesday for “Super Tuesday” could offer him an almost unstoppable lead to win the party’s nomination.

“Most of the initiated democrats are convinced that there is only one way to stop, or at least to slow down, Sanders”: that Barack and Michelle Obama “rally behind another candidate” … And preferably before “Super Tuesday,” said CNN columnist Chris Cillizza on Tuesday.

In November, Barack Obama had declared before democratic donors that the electoral battle would be won in the center.

The Americans do not think “that we must completely destroy the system and start all over again,” he said, stressing that the United States is not a “revolutionary” country.

If he didn’t quote anyone, everyone had thought of Bernie Sanders, who advocated a political “revolution”.

Also in the fall, the Politico site said that the ex-president intended to speak publicly if the senator took a clear lead in the primaries, “in order to prevent him from being invested”.

– As “Obama said” –

Barack Obama remains “extremely popular in the Democratic Party,” said Kyle Kondik, a political scientist at the University of Virginia.

His voice would therefore resound forcefully if he took sides. But it’s unlikely to be heard.

If he has “several friends in the running, including, of course, his own vice president” Joe Biden, Barack Obama “, said that he did not plan to support anyone during the primaries,” his spokesman said on Wednesday. communications director, Katie Hill.

“Because he believes that for the Democrats to win in the fall, it is the voters who must choose their candidate.”

In 2016, he had only declared his support for Hillary Clinton once she was assured of winning the Democratic nomination.

But he got involved in elections abroad, announcing his support for Emmanuel Macron, in France, and Justin Trudeau, in Canada, during their campaigns.

The rare comment from its communications director denounced a support group for Donald Trump who broadcast a “vile advertisement”, in which former words of Barack Obama were used “out of context” to harm Joe Biden.

The former president, however, remains silent on the many campaign spots of Democratic nomination contestants who use his old speeches to imply that they have his support.

– Sanders deprived of speech? –

Joe Biden, but also billionaire Michael Bloomberg, progressive senator Elizabeth Warren, ex-mayor Pete Buttigieg: who will proclaim the best relationship, the oldest agreement, the most obvious legacy …

And all of them quote it over and over to support their positions.

“As Barack Obama said, we have to take into account the position of the voters of this country. But spending almost $ 60 trillion is not what they want,” tweeted Amy Klobuchar on Thursday for denounce the program of Bernie Sanders.

With the notable exception of Bill Clinton, who had supported his wife Hillary during the primaries of 2008 and 2016, “many ex-presidents have tried to stay above the political fray,” said Kyle Kondik.

And there is currently “no indication” that Barack Obama is about to break with tradition. “He may be, like many other Democrats, genuinely undecided,” said the political scientist.

But if Bernie Sanders won the nomination, “I really wonder if Obama would make a speech at the convention” Democrat who would officialize in July the victory of the socialist.


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