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Buy or sell. Bitcoin overcame the $ 9 300 mark

May – a favorable month for the first crypto currency, so in the near future it will rise in price to $ 10 000, experts say.

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – On Thursday, May 3, the average market price of Bitcoin’s crypto currency exceeded the $ 9,300 mark, now the coin is trading at $ 9,310. Last weekend it went up to $ 9,500, after which the price dropped to $ 9,000. According to CoinDesk analysts , in In the near future the rate of the first crypto currency will continue to grow, it can rise above $ 10,000.

Experts noted that in the past years, in May, bitcoin was significantly more expensive. In 2017, the price of the first crypto currency increased by 73%, in 2014 by 40%, and in 2011 by 150%. Specialists have added that the second quarter for the coin is often issued more successful than the first.

In the event that the price of bitcoin still begins to fall, it may drop to a mark of $ 8,490, analysts say. At the same time, it will be possible to talk about a serious drop in the rate only if it falls below the level of $ 7,823, but this is extremely unlikely in the near future.

Over the past week, the total capitalization of the digital money market has increased by $ 50 billion, most of the coins have risen in price. The air price has risen by more than $ 100, the crypto currency has again overcome the mark of $ 740. The cost of Ripple increased to $ 0.85.