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Cabbage helps stop the development of cancer

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – The results of a scientific study confirmed the anti-cancer properties of cabbage and other vegetables of the Crusader species.

Scientists from the University of Oregon have conducted a new study that showed that cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables have anti-cancer properties.

Doctors have previously advised patients to take these vegetables to prevent cancer. But the results of the latest study confirmed their properties in preventing the development of cancer tumors.

As is known, all types of cabbage on the organic compound Sulfaravan “Sulforaphane “which, according to experts, can eliminate breast cancer cells …”The compounds found in cruciferous vegetables can slow the growth of cancer cells in the breast, especially in the early stages.”

The study involved 54 women with breast cancer, where scientists studied the effect of the compound “Sulforaphane “in the tissue of their breasts, they discovered that it was practically thanks to the addition of this compound stop the growth of cancer cells.

“The results of this study give us hope to treat this disease, suggesting that proper nutrition can help slow the growth of cancerous tumors,” said one expert.