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Cause of earthquakes in South Korea could be work on the hydroelectric power station

SOUTH KOREA (OBSERVATORY) – The cause of earthquakes on the east coast in South Korea could be work on a hydroelectric power plant (HPP). Experts believe that the natural disaster was due to the injection of underground water for food, according to VistaNews.

Scientists have determined that the earthquake that occurred on November 15, 2017, could be caused by human activities.

In particular, we are talking about the introduction of liquid into the ground to create geothermal energy. Modern geothermal systems are able to ensure the use of heat from the bowels of the earth for the production of electricity.

The technology consists in pumping cold water under enormous pressure.

Due to cracks and extensions in the ground, it is possible to create circulation, after which heating occurs.

Earlier it was reported that major repairs were completed at the Serebryanskaya HPP in the Murmansk region.