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Change in flight of US B-52 strategic bombers after threats from North Korea

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe United States, South Korea and Japan agreed to change the flight of two B-52 strategic bombers so as not to fly over the Korean peninsula, CNN reported citing a source in the Pentagon.

According to the TV channel, the planes took off from the island of Guam, flew to the south and southeast of the Korean peninsula, but did not enter South Korea’s airspace, and then landed there in Guam a day or two later.

According to sources, it is unclear whether the decision to change the course was taken in response to the statement of the leader of the DPRK. They stressed that the flight of bombers was not part of the military exercises.

The Pentagon refused to comment on the situation.

This week, the DPRK threatened to cancel Kim Jong-un’s meeting with US President Donald Trump because of the joint military exercises of Washington and Seoul. The DPRK also refused to negotiate at a ministerial level with South Korea.

Trump and Kim Jong Un are due to meet on June 12 in Singapore.