China completes construction of hospital for coronavirus patients within 10 days

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — A field hospital built by China within 10 days started to receive patients with the Corona virus emerging in Wuhan, with the aim of relieving the pressure on the overcrowded hospitals in this Chinese city from which the outbreak began.

The Chinese enthusiastically embarked on the construction of this facility, which can accommodate about one thousand beds, as TV channels were broadcasted online for 24 hours a day, 4,000 workers with drilling equipment to finish the work.

The facility, which was awarded the name “Huy Shanshan”, was placed under the control of the army, and it is one of two pre-equipped hospitals that are planned to be built with the aim of relieving pressure on health institutions in this large city of 11 million people, which faces an unusual flow of patients.

On Tuesday, 50 patients were sent to this 34,000 square meter health center, according to the New China News Agency.

The official channel, “CCTV”, broadcast pictures of patients wearing medical masks, who were driving down from ambulances towards a wheelchair or a portable bed with the help of doctors in blue uniforms.

The new corona virus, which causes pneumonia, has so far killed 425 people on the Chinese mainland, making it more deadly than the virus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) that spread in 2002 and 2003. The majority of deaths were recorded in Hubei Province (central) China.

The emerging corona virus has spread to 20 other countries as well.

Connected to the Internet

The builders worked day and night to finish construction of this hospital, and all of them wore protective masks at the request of the authorities who ordered all Wuhan residents to do so.

After preparing the ground and laying a base of cement and then extending the facility with water and electricity, they installed 400 rooms using prefabricated walls, providing them with medical equipment and bathrooms.

The site was connected to the fifth generation Internet network (5G), which enables high-speed communications and video diagnoses through an expert team that directs field teams, according to the New China News Agency.

The word “Huoshanshan” means “mountain of the god of fire,” a figure of Taoist myth, able to rid the body of the virus of the virus thanks to the heat it produces.

And Sunday hospital administration handed over to the army. A military medical team of 1,400 people is working in this facility, some of whom have already participated in the fight against SARS and Ebola fever.

The second field hospital being built in Wuhan has been called “Linshan” (or Mount of the Lightning God), which punishes people who oppress people according to legend, and is supposed to be able to receive the first patients this week. It will have 1,600 beds.

– Extra beds –

These two hospitals are built on the model of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital, which was established in 2003 within a week to receive SARS patients.

The virus then killed 349 people in China and about 300 in Hong Kong.

The government advertising machine praised the construction of the Huoshanshan Hospital as a symbol of China’s exceptional disaster-mobilization capacity.

China is trying to cover up criticism of the Wuhan city authorities for its slow pace in declaring a state of emergency.

The city’s main political official last week “blamed himself” for his late response. “I feel a sense of guilt,” said Communist Party chief Ma Guoxiang.

Wuhan also announced Monday evening that it would work to install 3,400 additional beds in a sports field and two conference centers, which would be ready to receive those without severe symptoms.

Over 50 million people in Hubei are prevented from leaving their cities under a quarantine imposed on the province. Only medical personnel are allowed in and out of the area, as well as food and medical equipment only.


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