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China develops unique artificial skin

CHINA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áChinese scientists have developed artificial light sensitive skin with many vital properties, and can take the role of the retina.

Scientists at Northeastern University in China have devised artificial skin that works on body energy (while walking or moving eyelashes), and can also work when connected directly to the brain.

The innovative material consists of compound polymers, which were laid out in several layers on a very thin copper layer and covered with a layer of polymer bonded (poly pyrol with holes).

This combination allows artificial skin to be attached to the electrical current, which changes when light is on. It also serves as a source of energy and a sensitive optical detector at the same time.

Artificial artificial skin is attached to the brain, using a special electrode, to help people with retinal damage to recognize images. In order for the artificial skin to function, it needs a small mechanical movement of the eye creams.

The performance of innovative artificial skin has been tested on mice only, and for use by humans, it needs some modifications that will help reduce its cost and simplify its work.