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China plans to build a military base in the Pacific Ocean

CHINA (OBSERVATORY) – His own military base to provide a presence in the Pacific Ocean is planning to build China on the islands of Vanuatu. This is reported by The Sydney Morning Herald.

The governments of China and Vanuatu, according to the publication, have already held preliminary discussions.

There have been no official proposals on the military base yet, but the prospects for Beijing’s military presence near Australia were discussed at a high level in Canberra and Washington.

The construction of the base of China will be pursued step by step. In the beginning it is supposed to agree with Vanuatu about the access of military ships of Ktay to the docks for repair.

As Calfau Caloris, a Vanuatu representative in Canberra, said, his country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not know about such a proposal. In the Chinese diplomatic mission in Australia, the situation declined to comment.

Vanuatu is located thousands of miles from Australia. The Chinese military base will undermine the strategic balance in the region and can lead to confrontation between Beijing and Washington.